Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bad Hair Day...

When did we last pamper our hair with granny's home remedies? No wonder every day is a bad hair day.
It is rightly called HAIR - The Crowning Glory of a Woman. If not a lot of attention, we need be kind enough to let the hair be free from the torture of chemicals, at least once in a while. But do we have the time and energy for those cherished oil massage, arita (soap nuts), henna, amla, eggs, bath powder, lemon etc.

Plateful of age old remedies served in Granny's 100 year old Brass thali served just for you all. oops, where is the hibiscus?

On this weekend, find out how much you like your hair...

Have a happy hair day!


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  2. ohk!!
    thankzz for those tips.