Monday, May 16, 2011

Beauty is in the eye of....

Is there any home where a broom is not being used...?  Can you imagine how beautiful a broom can look.....

Have a look at our Shashi Maam's incredible creativity ....teamed up with frugality.......!

Her presentation doesn't need any write up for it is self explanatory....

The monochromatic underwater scene is as beautiful as the colourful peacock plumes

Shashiji , undoubtedly you are incomparable....!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wish you all a HAPPY UGADI

Ugadi is a ' New Year ' celebration in Andhra Pradesh.

Decorating the entrance of the house with fresh mango leaves is customary. It signifies a good crop and general well being.

This is a season of raw mangoes,spreading aroma in the air while the fully blossemed Neem trees
make the airhealthy.

Ugadi Pachachadi is a dish that is synonymous with Ugadi.It is made of new jaggery,raw mango pieces ,neem flowers and new tamarind. Some people prefer  to add ripe banana or sugar cane juice.

This Special  pachchadi is prepared only new year day to emphasise that life is a blend of all emotions .

Ugadi indicates the arrval of Vasnth Rithu (SPRING SEASON)  Chaitra Masam is the first month in Telugu calender.
People pray to their favourite daiety and reach the town square or the temple , especilly in the evening to listen to Pancahaga pathanam. Here the learned peole read out the forecast of Zodiac signs  and even the predictions regarding the state ...such as politics,education ,.agriculture ,economy etc.

Sarve janaa sukhinobhavanthu......

Thursday, March 31, 2011

HONEY....its MONEY....!

Yougsters don't think twice before they shell out their doubt they have the earning capacity..but ...what about the rainy days....?
I know my follwers are all teenagers.....let me do my bit....if not as a lesson on ''The Need For Saving Money '' as an English lesson on Idioms...So...are you guys ready.....?

Here I am posting 30 for each day....try if you can  remember theses pharses and the message they convey.

1.A fool and his money are easily parted.
2.A penny saved is a penny earned.
3.An arm and leg = Expensive
4.Back to square one =Having to start all over again
5.Bite off more than one can chew.
6.Don't count your chickens before they hatch
7.Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
8.From rags to riches
9.Hold your horses= Be patient
10.Keep body and soul together=to earn sufficient to keep alive
11.Nest egg= Savings set aside for future use
12.Rome was not built on one day
13.Use your loaf, think smart.
14.Back on one's feet= to return to good finances.
15.Balance the books/ accounts
16.Bet on the wrong horse
17.Burn a hole in one's pocket = spends quickly
18.Chicken feed =little money
19.Control the purse strings
20.Dutch treat = pay for your own
21.Get along on a shoe string =less money
22.Have the Mida's touch =Very lucky (what ever u touch turns out to be gold)
23.Penny wise pound foolish
24.Pour money down the drain
25.Pinch pennies
26.Stretch the dollar = frugal
27.Tighten the belt
28.Pay through the nose
29.Rolling in dough =having a large amount
30.The whole Nine Yards = everything,all of it
31.A dime a dozen= Commonly/ easily available

So all my lovelies...remember..."Prudent Spending Is more difficult than earning money ".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time for a Change

 I think I have lost the patience to wait.......and.......wait  ... to watch  any T.V shows which interrupt the commercials( seriously) .

Why do firms  try to sell their products using embarassing  insensitive ways ?

" ......all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to remain silent ".

I know  I definitely do not have the capacity to change the situation, but surely have the wisdom to know the difference. Yes, I am doing my bit, my shopping cart never allows the products that neglect ETHICS in their advertisements.

Any company which ignores a society can never take care of an individual. So I am doing  my bit -buying  with discretion..

Bythe way Iam trying to find  some methods to liven up long ....boring..days . Shall I try PS3? 

"   'O God give me the courage to see the change in me !!!!"

 Finally, Iam going to play............. SPEED RACER.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creativity at its Best

One needs to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts ,acknowledge their success and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another , everyone wins.


Maerials- Coconut shell, jute ,  bread ,maida ,binding wire, newspapers ,pista shells


   Introducing Mrs, Shashi Prabha gives me the pride of being a winner. Her doctroine is that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly ,even while controlling purse strings one can turn rags to riches. All that one needs is diligence and patience.In her early 50's ,she is brimming with creative thoughts and energy. Thanks to the ''man '' behind ''her accomplishments ''.Touchwood!!!

The speciality of her work is the perfection which she achieves using only natural materials like, maida as binding agent , dry leaves, coconut shells, fiber , garlic peels, onion peels , twigs, drift wood and any such thing which we  feel is nothing but trash.She takes pride in her disciples who religiously follow and reflect her thoughts.

Shashiji has the creativity to transform Cactus into a beautiful peacock,.discarded table fan into exotic decor piece . Anything which we consider useless and unwanted turns into incredible craft masterpieces in her hands

Her love, dedication and passion for her work is that she had cancelled her so carefully planned foreign tours  but not a chance to create great craft projects.

Shashiji surely enjoys the creative challenge that brings her success which expands her joy of achievement .

Let"s wish good luck for her futue projects.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home is the place....

''Home is the place , where , when you have to go there,they have to take you ''

I feel so relaxed seeing my Syama (Terracotta horse) relaxing  under a lush grren tree in our living room .

This set up lights up everyones face with admiration for Syama's unbeatable ultimate luxury.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

" best foot forward "

No news is a good news . To grab the benefit of a hasslefree evening went out to explore the roads , guess it is also called 'Walking ' .

I know walking is the need of the hour . Yoga Gurus, doctors ,experts ,fitness experts....everyone tries to put us in the right path.  I must atleast listen to my bathroom scales' request,appeal, plea and the ultimate warning .





With diligence I put my best foot forward to be healthy. Though accepted as a proverb .................................

 I am not convinced of the   usage' the best foot forward '' interms of humans.The best is the name we give for somethingthat surpasses all others.Something that surpasses one other is specifically called ''BETTER'' as
in one's wife being called'' one's better half''.

Shakespeare used this expression in ''King John ,1595''

""Nay, but make haste,

The better foot before"".

Friday, February 4, 2011

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

The combination of green and yellow......sooooo...bright and refreshing . I didnt know that Iam so crazy of this combination.

Its February.....Valentines....''..Hold yr Horses...''.

Once again we are going to be influenced by media, marketing  and false prestige. Yes,many people believe

that to give or to receive a gift on this day is the respect and recognition for your love. We are forced to feel so.

At the same time certain organisations aiming at discouraging Valentines day celebrations   react aggressively .

Cant this matter be left to personal choice??

I love the concept of  Valentines day and observe the day in my own way at my home. Thanks to Hubby dear for finding happiness in my happiness, and if I am not mistaken this is what is all any wife longs for.

To express love and affection one neednot to burn a hole in the pocket.

Last year  we enjoyed the Valentine's Day with a special corner decor , absolutely with the things available at home . Glad that We didn't become the victims of any marketing gimmics.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Earth & Metal --Perfect Harmony

My love to use natural home decor  forces me to store/ display metal in earthern pots. I use  terracotta in its natural colour and texture.

Some Kulfi pots also  join to add to this colection. According to Fengshui earth element should be followed by metal, because earth holds metaland metal cuts wood. So following the constructive cycle I prerer not to keep metal jewels in wooden boxes.

Ofcourse.,these jewels may not be divine ,atleast they are mine.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Terracotta love

 I am very particular that any ornament or accessory  we buy for home should be one of the five elements...water,wood , fire , earth or metal .

I  prefer terracotta to incorporate the earth element. Yes , I try to follow Fengshui guidelines as well as vastu.

It is really challenging to get a desired look for yr house ,with so many restrictions ...still I don't give up.  My quest for different styles continues because  home decor is a journey  not a destinatoin and the fun in the journey is more enjoyable than the destination.

My terracotta squirrel is  ever happy because there is no dearth of food for her. those who visit our house enjoy to see my cute Koochi . Do i need to say who is Koochi ?

(Leaves are stickers which  we bought for 5 bucks.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011


How I wish to do a makeover to the walls in my house ! Staying in company accmodation some times becomes a hurdle and a husband who never finds pleasure in disobedience adds to the pain.

I am a person who tries to get pleasure  legally and ethically.  None has any problem with my wall art ,infact my little neighbour  rushes to  help me. It is her weekend wrap  up and  I enjoy the luxuary of  changing the decor  everyday.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Where there is wall there is art ....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happiness is Homemade - 3 ( Nail polish organiser)

Glad to be accepted for "Weekend Wrap up''  by ''coloursdekor ''.

 My nail polish collection changes its style of display  quiet often .

Today i tried some thing new which was only  dreamt of. Surfed a lot to buy a suitable organizer, but didn't have the heart to spend a large amount.

Suddenly flashed an idea . Let's do it ! Thank you dear husband.

We used Balsa wood piece .  I needed a tray to hold all the essentials for tips and toes. A wooden box lid caught my attention. As the tray is sturdy ,its convienient to  be carried .

Everything went in my favour . I think this is going to stay for a long.

Friends , how do you organise your collection ?. Eager to see more idas.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Routine....How Relaxing !!!!!

 When children are grown and gone ( they follow nothing but what we did ), its quiet natural to feel the ''Empty Nest Syndrome''.

One should be prepared for this stage. Not as a substitute to my son ,genuinely I love birds. With lots of leisure , now i get to enjoy not just to sprinkle grains as a feed,but to enjoy seeing them enjoy. I  dont think anything can beat this pleasure.

One can not miss birds in my house,  because accessories with birds are irresistable to me.

Birds made of brass, ceramic and,terracota add personality to my home decor, the lively birds bring very life to my balcony and energize my mood. 

Thanks to God for the beautiful moments unlimited . Dear  Life ,happiness is thy colour  !!!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Gemstone Tree

Crystal gemstone is believed to be a symbol of abundance and growth.

Whatever one may believe in, I find the crystal gemtree as a colourful sculpture and enjoy seeing this on my dressing table. Laughing  Buddha adds to my cheerfulness.

I think i am bitten by a colour bug. Wanna explore colours around me.
 My policy is ''as long as u dont trouble others  go ooooooonnn and.......enjoy your life''.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Source of Happiness

Most of us seek happiness outside ourselves. We run after money,power,fame,authority,status etc. We are running after the shadows of  happiness. True happiness comes from within ,from the purification of mind and the ultimate intuition of heart.

As Lord Buddha said showing unconditional love and compassion is happiness.

When we choose peaceful reactions, we will not only have a happy state of mind.but will also have a healthier physica  life. Our bodies are like chemical factories that are more powerful than any pharmacy on earth. Every emotion is translated by the body. Joy ,love and contentment bolster our physical being, while negative emotions like anger and stress cause all types of harm and imbalance in our body.

I find my daily dosage of  happiness with quick,simple ,easy economical and eco.friendly home decor.

Lord Buddha  smiles at my simple pleasures.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Makara Sankranthi

Planned a lot for Pongal... infact wanted to decorate the house more than on Diwali  ...
..but... mind didn't accept any thoughts of celebrations .

Never mind ,if my near and dear are fit and healthy  I will celebrate festivals everyday . 

May god bless everybody with good health.



Friday, January 14, 2011

Yet another......

My Krishna loves to bless every corner of my sweeeeet...home.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Reminded of Oprah Winfrey's words....'' If you focus on what you have ,you'll end up having more . If you focus on what you lack , you will never have enough. That is a guarantee .''

Any ailing  patient's strngth will be  doubbled ,when he/ she feels the concern of the family members .

May God bless the young sons and daughters who  are trying to help their ailing parents to recover fast.

Lucky are the people who have their loved ones around them.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


How nice it feels to know that you are remembered by your friends even when they are thousands of miles
away. Their love and affection brings loads of positive energy.

Icing on the cake is that I am blessed with a ''Laughing Buddha '' and I enjoy anything about Fengshui .

Thanks a million to '' Mona Bhabhi' for finding the perfect gift for me ; a double bonanza!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kanjivaram silk saree

please save the weavers .Help them  to  live with dignity .

As smooooooth as......

While planning the things to be done on the PONGAL (Sankranthi) day ,  My list started with  ''-decide on the saree ''. Being an ARDENT admirer of handloom sarees ,especially Kanchivaram silk sarees, I looked at them with pride. My precious sarees too are happy to have a motherly owner .I do treat them  with utmost care. After all i want to see my granddaughter  draped in my sarees. Of course ,daughter in law wont be deprived of this chance.

As i was lost in thoughts of farthest future,suddenly echoed my friend Lalitha's words in my mind.....'Do you know how many silk worms are killed to get one saree.I cant tolerate the violence involved in these sarees. SO i wll never buy a silk saree..' Lalitha puts her words in action.

BUT I feel that if we buy a silk saree that is helpful for the weavers.It is quiet disheartning to know that many weavers commit suicide due to lack of work and accumulated loans.

Let's buy handloom  sarees , if not silk at least cotton.

By the way aren't we also the silk worms ? A person who just works for an award has no other consideration and is going to disintegrate. He will be treated likethe silk worm that produces silk around itself. The sericulturist puts the silkworm in boiling water and takes the silk away. Nobodybothers about the worm.

Similarly, if you don't enjoy your work as you are doing it and if you think ,''When  I  get the result I will have enjoyement," you are wrong. You will be like the silkworm.

You produce silk but will  end up with the designation ''worm''.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jhumka milaa re......

These traditional handcrafted ethnic ear rings from Rajasthan in India are made in time honoured fashion by ancient methods passed down by generations of jewelry makers.

Lovely 'lakh bangles' and jhumkhas are brought to me from Rajasthan exclusively for me.

Thank you ,Hema ! Loved every single piece .

Ohhhh! when did krishna reach here? Doesn't He seem to enjoy this new location ?