Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wish you all a HAPPY UGADI

Ugadi is a ' New Year ' celebration in Andhra Pradesh.

Decorating the entrance of the house with fresh mango leaves is customary. It signifies a good crop and general well being.

This is a season of raw mangoes,spreading aroma in the air while the fully blossemed Neem trees
make the airhealthy.

Ugadi Pachachadi is a dish that is synonymous with Ugadi.It is made of new jaggery,raw mango pieces ,neem flowers and new tamarind. Some people prefer  to add ripe banana or sugar cane juice.

This Special  pachchadi is prepared only new year day to emphasise that life is a blend of all emotions .

Ugadi indicates the arrval of Vasnth Rithu (SPRING SEASON)  Chaitra Masam is the first month in Telugu calender.
People pray to their favourite daiety and reach the town square or the temple , especilly in the evening to listen to Pancahaga pathanam. Here the learned peole read out the forecast of Zodiac signs  and even the predictions regarding the state ...such as politics,education ,.agriculture ,economy etc.

Sarve janaa sukhinobhavanthu......

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