Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost ten KGs just in ten minutes!!!!1

I can't believe it. How can I BE SOOO lazy? Shame on me  ,.Why do I procrastinate ? I kept delaying things for days. perhaps newly found liesure made me lethargic. So friends I once again start my blog. welcome aboard.

Wondering how I Imanaged to lose weight instantly. If I  can,so can you. All you have to do is take a trash bag, move around the house. While you walk in the house, fill the bag,of course ...trash bag, with ' CAN BE RELEASED' items . Just try it out....  you will wonder why those unwanted things were preserved.

I filled the bag with those broken toys, faded pencil boxes which i considered as my childs kindergarten memories.,old magazines , biscuit tins.empty bottles (I have many for,,,, just in case.....needs).so on and so forth.

Hey wait a minute... You can even take another bag to fill it with the things to be donated  like,clothes,books etc. As winter is set in ,have a look at your warm clothes closet.May be you have many sweaters which are not trendy,smaller to your current size,you dont like it any more...... but .....simply stuffed  inyour wardrobe. Why dont you  pack them neatly and donate?  Where there is a will there is a way. If   you dont find any  individual who can accept yr contribution ,leave the baggage with the organisations that care for the under previleged.

Friends this not only reduces the excess weight of your house ,but also lets in positive thought and energy.

Do I have to say the secret behind my(  today"s ) positive energy!!!

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