Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Everyda' Anti -Procrastination Day '

Sorted stationery items....pencils of all varieties on Earth are found under our roof. Do I 
 really need them? I have managed successfully to send them to the right place,without relocating in the house. Thank God I could finally do that. Marker pens(again all varieties),sharpeners,stencils,erasers of different sizes and shapes,pens.......all are brought to one plastic box with different drawers,with labels.I dont have to buy any stationery for a long period.I REALISED IT ONLY NOW. It is a simple task but has brought a lot of orderliness.with a sense of accomplishment. Newly arranged stationery stand, stands with pride next to the Binding Box which contains cello tapes,stapler,office pins,clips , thumb pins...any thing and everything that holds papers together. It feels great to provide right  place  to right things at the right time. Things neither have to be thrown into the dustbin,nor have to be clutter at home.    dustbin is not the only destination.

Detoxifying the house takes little time. After all we didnt collect all the clutter on one single day. BUT am I thinking of detoxifying the body? Slight pain in my knuckels is the first warning to me to be prepared to bear the rhuematic pains,. Yes Arthritis is a curse , but let me positive, .and follow the precautions..So, tomorrow I am going to take only liquids; water and bottle gourd juice. Yes it sounds awful but it does so well to get rid of toxins from my body. Thanks to Naturopathy.

Preparing notes and question papers gives me the satisfaction of being a professional. Tomorrow I  must watch a Shakesperean movie.

I must see how much I love myself!!!!!with water and bottle gourd juice.....!!!!!

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