Friday, January 7, 2011

Precious Simplicity

As the new year decision I have decided to simplify things and to cherish  the things I own .

We women are given a chance to display our talent on daily basis ,through rangoli. Yes, on daily basis,because in South India  'Muggu / Kolam is adaily activity. Men wont step out of the house until rangoli is drawn near the main entrance of the house.

Granny never allowed us to sit and draw rangoli.Acc. to her if u bend frontwards from your waist for sometime,it adds strength to yr waist and back. Perhaps that could be the reason our moms& grannies didnt get back pain like us.!!!

I tried to make a simple rangoli pattern in an aarthi thali and my Krishna added beauty to it. So turns my silly rangoli priceless.

Any idea,how much of thermocol is used to promote ECO-FRIENDLY  ideas???

Thanks to our ancestors for showing us the ecofriendly creativity .

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  1. i came across ur blog by chance...ramdomly clicked on this post and what made me happy was this statement - "Any idea,how much of thermocol is used to promote ECO-FRIENDLY ideas??? "

    Call me crazy but i do not understand crafting project which make use of non eco friendly material . glad to have found someone with similar views :)