Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creativity at its Best

One needs to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts ,acknowledge their success and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another , everyone wins.


Maerials- Coconut shell, jute ,  bread ,maida ,binding wire, newspapers ,pista shells


   Introducing Mrs, Shashi Prabha gives me the pride of being a winner. Her doctroine is that everything is beautiful, including what is ugly ,even while controlling purse strings one can turn rags to riches. All that one needs is diligence and patience.In her early 50's ,she is brimming with creative thoughts and energy. Thanks to the ''man '' behind ''her accomplishments ''.Touchwood!!!

The speciality of her work is the perfection which she achieves using only natural materials like, maida as binding agent , dry leaves, coconut shells, fiber , garlic peels, onion peels , twigs, drift wood and any such thing which we  feel is nothing but trash.She takes pride in her disciples who religiously follow and reflect her thoughts.

Shashiji has the creativity to transform Cactus into a beautiful peacock,.discarded table fan into exotic decor piece . Anything which we consider useless and unwanted turns into incredible craft masterpieces in her hands

Her love, dedication and passion for her work is that she had cancelled her so carefully planned foreign tours  but not a chance to create great craft projects.

Shashiji surely enjoys the creative challenge that brings her success which expands her joy of achievement .

Let"s wish good luck for her futue projects.

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  1. Wonderful. Brings back strings of beautiful memories. Glad to have crossed paths and hope to continue to remain and remember each other in heart and prayers. God bless us all :)