Friday, February 4, 2011

Its February.....Valentines....''..Hold yr Horses...''.

Once again we are going to be influenced by media, marketing  and false prestige. Yes,many people believe

that to give or to receive a gift on this day is the respect and recognition for your love. We are forced to feel so.

At the same time certain organisations aiming at discouraging Valentines day celebrations   react aggressively .

Cant this matter be left to personal choice??

I love the concept of  Valentines day and observe the day in my own way at my home. Thanks to Hubby dear for finding happiness in my happiness, and if I am not mistaken this is what is all any wife longs for.

To express love and affection one neednot to burn a hole in the pocket.

Last year  we enjoyed the Valentine's Day with a special corner decor , absolutely with the things available at home . Glad that We didn't become the victims of any marketing gimmics.

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