Monday, January 10, 2011

As smooooooth as......

While planning the things to be done on the PONGAL (Sankranthi) day ,  My list started with  ''-decide on the saree ''. Being an ARDENT admirer of handloom sarees ,especially Kanchivaram silk sarees, I looked at them with pride. My precious sarees too are happy to have a motherly owner .I do treat them  with utmost care. After all i want to see my granddaughter  draped in my sarees. Of course ,daughter in law wont be deprived of this chance.

As i was lost in thoughts of farthest future,suddenly echoed my friend Lalitha's words in my mind.....'Do you know how many silk worms are killed to get one saree.I cant tolerate the violence involved in these sarees. SO i wll never buy a silk saree..' Lalitha puts her words in action.

BUT I feel that if we buy a silk saree that is helpful for the weavers.It is quiet disheartning to know that many weavers commit suicide due to lack of work and accumulated loans.

Let's buy handloom  sarees , if not silk at least cotton.

By the way aren't we also the silk worms ? A person who just works for an award has no other consideration and is going to disintegrate. He will be treated likethe silk worm that produces silk around itself. The sericulturist puts the silkworm in boiling water and takes the silk away. Nobodybothers about the worm.

Similarly, if you don't enjoy your work as you are doing it and if you think ,''When  I  get the result I will have enjoyement," you are wrong. You will be like the silkworm.

You produce silk but will  end up with the designation ''worm''.

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