Sunday, January 16, 2011

Source of Happiness

Most of us seek happiness outside ourselves. We run after money,power,fame,authority,status etc. We are running after the shadows of  happiness. True happiness comes from within ,from the purification of mind and the ultimate intuition of heart.

As Lord Buddha said showing unconditional love and compassion is happiness.

When we choose peaceful reactions, we will not only have a happy state of mind.but will also have a healthier physica  life. Our bodies are like chemical factories that are more powerful than any pharmacy on earth. Every emotion is translated by the body. Joy ,love and contentment bolster our physical being, while negative emotions like anger and stress cause all types of harm and imbalance in our body.

I find my daily dosage of  happiness with quick,simple ,easy economical and eco.friendly home decor.

Lord Buddha  smiles at my simple pleasures.

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